We’re Finally Opening Up 12 NEW Spots In Our "FIT OVER 40" Programme For High Achieving PROFESSIONAL Women Who Want To Lose 15-25lbs, Transform The Way Their Clothes Fit & Drop 2+ Dress Sizes In 84 Days Or less...
(Without Regaining The Weight Or Setting An Unhealthy Example To Their Kids)
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Losing weight is hard.

Losing weight when you're successful in your career is even harder.

Between the back-to-back meetings, picking up the slack for your team and long difficult days at the office that lead to eating (or drinking) the stress...

...finding the time to eat healthy and exercise can feel impossible.

And even if you do manage to squeeze it in, you may have found that what worked in your 20's and 30's just doesn't seem to have the same effect these days.

I totally get it.

It can all be so overwhelming and frustrating for any woman caught in this situation.

Especially when they start looking back at old photos of themselves and remember how fit and healthy they used to be before climbing the corporate ladder.

Or being forced to choose what to wear to important meetings based on what hides their "problem areas" the best (rather than what they like)
Some women are willing to accept weight gain as part of the aging process.

They are willing to accept the health problems related to being overweight and don't seem to care that they may be taking years (or decades) off their lives

Others desperately want to get the weight off and try the same "diets" that used to work wonders back in their 20's and 30's...

...only to step on the scales at the end of the week and experience the crushing disappointment of seeing no movement whatsoever.

Despite what so many people say (especially the younger generation)

It's not as simple as just eating better and exercising

It's not about which approach is the "best":

Online trainers, Slimming Groups, Personal Trainers, “Fad Diets”, Workout DVD’s, Bootcamps, Fasting, Keto, Low Carbs, Low Fat, Bootcamps etc.

And it's not about “putting in more effort” or just getting on with it

You've been really successful in your career and it's clear to me you're an intelligent and motivated woman.

And I know it's not your fault that you are stuck in this situation.
high achieving WOMEN LIKE YOURSELF have been let down by "dieting" and it's not fair.
The truth is,

In my experience...

High achieving women over 40 who want to get back to the peak of their fitness probably shouldn’t be following a programme designed for the twenty-something trying to lose a quick 6 pounds for their holiday to Magaluf.


Two reasons..

1) A person's hormones and the way their body works change dramatically as they get older.

Which means they need a TOTALLY different approach to see the same results.

2) Starving yourself and training your body into the ground is just not realistic (or necessary)... especially when you're managing a team of people at the office AND looking after a family.

The women we work with are still able to drink wine and eat chocolate and they're dropping multiple dress sizes in a matter of weeks (and KEEPING those results long term)

They can go on holiday with their families and wear literally anything they like (even figure hugging swimsuits and bikinis) because they look and feel fantastic in everything they try on.

And they never even had to go to the gym to get there!

All their workouts were done from home (and only lasted 45 minutes) so they could do them whenever it was convenient for them.
and don't just take my word for it...
Transformed Her Mindset!
“I wanted to become lean in a healthy and sustainable way with a programme that featured training, and which would make me think about what I was eating, and would help me with my mindset. I have lost 30.25 inches over my body, and 26.4kg reduction in my weight. My confidence has gone through the roof and I feel so much happier now in my own skin. Trinity is everything to me, it has become a way of life!” – Caroline Wood
Caroline Wood, a full time professional manager and mum of 2 from Oxfordshire joined TRINITY because she was fed up with conventional “dieting”. She came to learn that her mindset was everything and over a one year period she lost over 4 stone in weight, dropped two dress sizes and completely transformed her confidence and happiness. When we asked what she’d say to someone thinking about joining she told us “Make the investment in yourself today, you will not regret it!!”
Got A Body She’s Proud Of!
“I ended last year miserable and unhappy with the way I looked. I’ve always wanted to become lean and strong but just never had the confidence or the knowledge to make the changes until I came across TRINITY.” – Laura Sneddon
Laura joined TRINITY because she had be struggling to shrink her waist and tone up and after Christmas she was feeling unhappy with the way she looked. She wanted to make her body something that she was proud of, to feel confident in a bikini on holiday and regain her inner self confidence. In just 12 weeks, Laura was able to get in the best shape of her life, to feel happy and confident with how she looked, to feel sexy again, to believe in herself and to be the best version of herself for her and her family!
Feels Amazing About Herself!
“Before I started TRINITY I was a size 14 and the heaviest I have been as I’d had my third daughter 3 months earlier. I felt tired, heavy, embarrassed about my size and helpless. I have lost 7kg and 16 inches over 3 months which feels fantastic and I never would have achieved it without this programme. It is just the right balance of accountability and structure and flexibility to make it sustainable.” – Toni Wells
Toni Wells, working Mum of three came to TRINITY because she wanted to lose the baby weight after having her third child. She had struggled to see results in the past because she felt too unmotivated to get started. Through TRINITY she found the drive, focus and accountability she needed to lose a stone in just 3 months. Even when she was pushed for time and sleep deprived looking after a 3 month old baby, she was able to succeed and she puts this down to our simple, straightforward approach designed to work specifically for busy mums.


People may tell you your age is just a number but there's no escaping the fact that women's bodies start to change dramatically as they enter their 40's.

When you were 20 or 30 years old you didn't have to worry about...

- Decreased muscle mass
- Slowing metabolism
- Lowered estrogen levels
- Insulin resistance
- Increased cortisol levels
- Elevated blood sugar
- 24/7 work stress

and mainstream dieting approaches don't worry about these factors either!

That's why when you see amazing "Before and After" photos of younger women on Facebook... 

the programmes those women followed are NOT going to give you the same results.

The good news is that you CAN see the same kind of results as those ladies... it's just going to take a different "vehicle" to get you there

So we take a completely different approach with our women.

Which means they can see incredible results in their 40's, 50's (and even 60's) without having to sacrifice their careers, family lives or happiness in the process.
see their results for yourself...
Strong, Sexy, Toned & Confident!
“I am flabbergasted at the changes in the way my body looks and how I feel. This programme has helped me achieve things I never ever thought possible. Having been miserable with my body for 20 years, I now feel sexy and confident, have dropped to a size 14 top and bottom, and am even developing abs! Trinity is the best thing I have ever done and sustainable” – Naomi Chadwick
Naomi came to TRINITY to transform her body but she ended up getting more than she signed up for. Not only did she see fantastic results with her body, she also learned to eat and exercise in a way that keeps her body strong and toned – something she never thought would be possible. When we asked what she’d say to someone thinking of joining, she told us “To someone thinking of joining I would say DO IT!! It’s the best thing I have ever done. Having been miserable and depressed about my body for 20 years this has been life changing!”
Loving Her Life Again!
“When I started I was a very tight 12 (who am I kidding I was a size 14). It was the biggest and heaviest I’d been since having children and it was soul destroying to feel and look so uncomfortable. Mentally I feel like a different person it’s not just the weight lost or the inches that disappear that gives you that boost it’s the confidence. Trinity gives you or rather teaches you in food and life choices. My husband has said that he’s got his wife back the woman who loved life and lived life and it’s Trinity who helped me to be that person again so thank you.” – Tracey Winney
Tracey had been struggling with her weight and body image. She was feeling uncomfortable in her clothes and it was affecting her mental state and happiness. She joined TRINITY to take back control of her body and her life and she completely changed the way that she felt about herself. Not only did this improve her life but her husband couldn’t believe the changes she had made! Tracey’s story is amazing and inspiring.
Lost Weight & Feels Great!!
“Before starting TRINITY I was a size 12 and weight was going up I was about 10 stone and felt very wobbly and in need of shaping up. I was feeling little fed up and needed help. Now I feel great!! I have lost a little weight and I have lost inches from my waist, hips and bust,! I’m looking after myself and love the food and exercises I have been doing, I’m feeling a lot leaner and stronger and love the way my clothes are fitting now.” – Claire Watkins
Claire, working Mum of 2 from Lowestoft, wanted to be leaner and have more tone to her body. Her weight was creeping up and she was feeling very wobbly. She felt stuck and in need of help so she joined TRINITY and in just 12 weeks she completely transformed her body. Now she’s able to get back into all of her favourite clothes that didn’t used to fit!
"FIT OVER 40" is not about adding a complicated plan to your already busy schedule.

It's about getting you the body you want in a way that's specifically designed for high achieving women over 40 - women who are just like you.

The best way I can describe it is like having a personal trainer, nutritionist and mindset coach on board with you to take all the stress and uncertainty out of losing weight.

My aim is to help you to make healthy eating and exercise work for YOU and fit into YOUR life.

We'll do this in a way which takes into account the way your body has physically changed as you've gotten older - as well as the demands of your busy career and family life.

Together we will upgrade your eating habits, exercise, mindset and build everything up step by step so it never feels overwhelming and doesn't take over your life.

By the end of the 12 weeks you'll have the knowledge, skills and mindset to continue seeing results long term.

No more jumping from diet to diet...

...Unhealthy practices that set a bad example to your kids (e.g. starving yourself)

...Punishing sweaty HIIT cardio workouts or time consuming gym classes

...Cutting out food groups

...Programmes with no support when you feel stuck or confused

No more unrealistic advice that doesn't work for high achievers with a busy job and a family

"FIT OVER 40" is all about keeping things SIMPLE

So that you can get what you really want... RESULTS.

Let's get you feeling confident in your clothes. Enjoying what you eat without feeling guilty. Feeling happy and proud of who you are. Not worrying about your weight or appearance. Let's help you take back control of your life!
Here's How "FIT OVER 40" Will Work For You...
Before getting started, we set you up for success by creating the time and energy needed for you to start (and complete) your fitness journey (all we need to find is 3% of your total hours every week)

Women begin feeling more energised, less stressed and motivated to succeed just days after being accepted into our programme.
Next we upgrade your mindset to help you overcome self sabotage, cravings, emotional eating, binge eating, overwhelm and all the other mental struggles that have held you back in the past.

We've had clients describe this as "like having a brick removed from my head" - you'll be thinking clearer, making better decisions and feeling less overwhelmed by the idea of getting that dream body.
To get the body and the life you want in the shortest time possible, you need a plan tailored for YOU and your unique situation (taking into account changes to your body, hormones and lifestyle).

We handle all of the complicated planning and calculations involved in creating an easy to follow step-by-step blueprint to create the body and life you want. All you have to do is follow the simple steps we give you each week.
Once all the preparation and planning is complete - you are now ready to get started with the "Fit Over 40" system. We will guide you through your transformation with unlimited support, coaching and accountability.

Your dedicated TRINITY coach will guide you through the entire process so you never have to think about tweaking calories and macros, what exercises to do or how to stay motivated to see results.
Results are important... but what's more important is keeping those results long term. Over 12 weeks we'll create new habits with your eating, exercise and mindfulness that you'll feel confident you can stick to long term.

This will set you up with the knowledge, skillsets and mindsets to manage your own health and fitness so you can succeed long term without having to worry about undoing any of your results.
You don’t have to send me any money now.

In fact,

You won’t see a button to buy anything on this page.

There’s two reasons for that.

1- I’m sure you have a few questions you want answered before you enroll. Which I completely understand and will gladly answer 

2- I also have some questions for you too… remember,

I only work with ladies who I know for certain I can help get results.

So, call it “selfish” if you want (and maybe it is :D) but I need to make sure you and I will work well together...

...and that you’re the type of person who can and will follow through on the strategies and resources I share with you.

In other words - I need to know with certainty that I can get you the results I’m promising.

Fair enough?

So, here’s all you have to do now. 

Click the button below and fill out the short application.

From there, we’ll chat…

... i’ll ask you a few questions to figure out whether or not I can actually get you the results you want - i’ll answer your questions - fill you in a few more key details (yes, like the price)

...and as long as we both agree that we’re a good match - we’ll get you enrolled.

I look forward to our chat,

On your side.

- Ben
IF YOU ARE READY To stop worrying about your weight and appearance and get back to feeling confident in your favourite clothes...
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